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Sonos Connect - Music Streaming System

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Product Description:
Brings music streaming to the audio equipment you already own Flexible. Features analogue optical and coaxial digital audio outputs Line-in. Plug in any device you desire Play your amplified turntable through your Sonos system Stream your CDs and LPs to Sonos speakers in other rooms Streams over wi-fi not Bluetooth so the music never stops even if you get a phone call

Bring new life to your stereo
There’s nothing wrong with your stereo. Or your home theatre. It’s just that they don’t stream music. Connect fixes that. It turns your favourite amplified audio equipment into a streaming machine so you can keep the stereo you love and play even more music with it.

Engineered for premium performance
Connect streams the music you love without loss of fidelity and at full CD-quality bandwidth. Adjust the sound to get the bass treble balance and loudness just the way you like it. You can even set it up to control the volume using the Sonos app or your audio equipment.

Sets up easy
Attach Connect to your amplified audio equipment using the analogue or digital outputs. Plug it in. Connect it to your WiFi using the Sonos app for uninterrupted wireless music streaming.

One app. Complete music control
The Sonos app helps you quickly search through all your services to track down favourite music send it to different rooms and adjust the volume and other settings. You don’t even have to be in the same room. And if your friends have the Sonos app they can do the same.

Over 80 streaming services globally
Sonos plays everything the most popular streaming services on-demand services internet radio your favourite podcasts and audiobooks your go-to collection of downloads­ whatever you love to listen to.

For anything amplified
Connect works with the amplified audio equipment you already own. Like a stereo system a home theatre receiver or even a built-in speaker system with a centrally-located amplifier. Plus the RCA optical and digital coaxial audio outputs ensure that you can use it with all your equipment.

Grab your aux cord
Plug in an audio device to your Connect from your amplified record player to a friend’s phone and listen to your favourite music on your existing audio equipment. You can also send the music to any other Sonos speaker in your home.

A Sonos original
Connect was one of our very first products at Sonos long before stand-alone speakers were even a twinkle in our eye. It was called a Zone Player back then and was designed for all the audiophiles in the world (like us) who simply loved the audio equipment they already owned. It still is. And thanks to our regular ongoing software updates Connect has continued to get better and better over time.

Multi-room music
One room of streaming music is great. But a house full is even better. That’s the power of the Sonos Home Sound System. Fill more rooms with music by simply adding more Sonos speakers and components. They all work together seamlessly so you can play different songs in different rooms or the same song everywhere.


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